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Medical practice renovation in Larisa

Medical practice renovation in Larisa


Principal Architect: Aris Kordas

Project Architect: Hara Triantafyllou

Design Team: Eleni Tsaprali, Anastasis Dimokas

Photos: Konstantinos Kroustallis

Medical practice renovation in Larisa

The award winning medical practice renovation, is located in the center of Larisa, in a typical apartment building of the ‘70s. The existing clinic was organized in small rooms, often poorly illuminated. The client, envisioned his clinic and working space, as a contemporary minimal project, characterized by simplicity and elegance. The main objective of the architectural study was to create a contemporary space with the highest possible standards, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Given the relatively limited floor space, maximizing its use, was a key aspect of the architectural design as well. Restricting conditions such as columns and beams, made the architectural study even more challenging. The overall design was driven by the attention to detail, ensuring the best use of the available space.

The architectural solution proposes a ground plan with radical yet elegant interventions, forming a welcoming and impressive space. The result is that the practice consists of two distinct functional zones. Firstly, the “public” zone, where patients move freely (reception, waiting area and services). Secondly, the “private” zone, where the medical services are provided (examination rooms, doctors’ office, services for the employees etc).

Architectural design

The “public” section is conceived as an accessible “void”, the free space. Through this space, one enters and moves towards the rest areas. On the other hand, the “private” zone is perceived as an enclosed area, of controlled access. A “solid” form that surrounds the “void” of the patients’ zone. Through this space, the medical staff can access the more private areas. The arrangement of the boundaries between the two functional zones, forms the architectural concept of the renovation. The overall impact of this layout is the essence of a peaceful composition.

Furthermore, the use of a variety of textures in the renovation, shapes the character of the space. Special coating, painting and lighting techniques as well as other architectural elements highlight the conception of space. The material palette and color tones used also play a key role to achieve a contemporary, finely tuned, coherent whole. Plastered surfaces in white tones, in combination with richly textured floors in grey tones, define the clear, raw beauty of the clinic.

The absence of decorative elements is deliberate, since the curved volumes and plastered surfaces, outline the contemporary minimalism of the project. The rich textures on the walls, enhanced by the recessed light, offer a three-dimensional, decorative style to the clinic.

The presence of the curve, as a design-led element is also prominent. In order to achieve the objectives of the architectural study of the renovation, the use of curves plays a key role. The curves define the boundaries of space and the character of the project as well. Curves are present on walls, design elements and finishes. The tailor-made recessed light also follows the curves both along the ceiling and the floors, from the beginning to the end of each volume, defining them.

The result is a clinic with a unique character, a high end, modern space that gives a sense of minimalism and comfort. The architectural work in its whole, attempts to present a coherent narration of simplicity that serves equally the functional needs and aesthetics of the project.

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