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Single family house in Paiania

Single family house in Paiania


Principal Architect:  Aris Kordas

Project Architect: Athanasia Stavropoulou

Design Team: Athina Raftopoulou, Elisavet Kiretsi

Styling: Hara Triantafyllou

Photos: Spyros Hound Photography


Single family house in Paiania

The single family house was designed to accommodate a modern family of four. The building develops in two levels, two distinct volumes. The ground floor includes the functions related to the social life of the family, whereas the first floor includes the more private spaces.  The owners wished that their everyday life would be characterized by a sense of transparency, with direct access to the garden and views from the interior. At the same time, a crucial design parameter was the management of privacy.

Architectural design

First of all, the central entrance of the single family house, located on the street, creates conditions of privacy. The entrance door and the access to the house through the steps, mark the entrance to the building. The detached house turns towards the surrounding space, with the large opening unifying the interior with the exterior. As a result, the living condition formed, enhances the experience of the surrounding space and the nature. The space of the plot also defined the design of the building in two volumes. These slide slightly between each other, defining the two levels of the house’s functions. Finally, an additional volume on the ground floor houses the garage.

The lower volume, almost in contact with the ground and the garden, is in dark tones. At the same time, the first floor slides slightly, whereas it light colored volume emphasizes this shift. The ground floor, with the large openings, emphasizes a sense of transparency and the direct relationship with the garden. The entrance leads to an open plan space with the kitchen, the dining and living area. At the same time, the auxiliary functions develop around a core in the center of the floor plan, where the staircase is also located. There is also a secondary entrance from the garage, while on the same level there is a gym area.

The upper floor, painted in white tones, seems to float. Its dominant element is the elongated south facade, with white vertical blinds. Thus, the natural light is regulated and natural cooling of the balcony is also achieved. This private, raised patio overlooks the garden and the surrounding landscape.

Exterior space design

Finally, attention was given to the design of the garden, an important element of everyday life. The geometric path to the main entrance branches off into a free, curved path. In this way, a ring is created that unifies the internal and external movements. The garden, directly visible from the dining room, but also from the terrace, is planted on its entire surface. Thus, a sense of privacy is created at the boundaries of the plot but also a green oasis inside it.



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