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Residential building in Chalandri

Residential building in Chalandri


Principal Architect:  Aris Kordas

Design Team: Jenny Chalkiadaki, Solonas Predaris – Papagathangelou

3D Visualization: Cad Monkeys

Residential building in Chalandri

The residential building is situated in Chalandri, in one of the most tranquil and green, verdant parts of the beautiful suburb of Athens. The area’s character is shaped by a blend of detached houses, larger residential complexes and apartment buildings, along with abundant green, urban vegetation, due to its proximity to the Chalandri stream.

The building’s design, inspired by the area’s character, aims for a harmonious integration of the new construction into its environment. It incorporates fundamental elements that define its structural and visual architectural aspects. The building’s mass primarily addresses the issue of scale, with its size mitigated through the prominence of individual building volumes, elements and units. The management of the volumes ensures privacy between properties and enhances the readability of the building’s internal structure from its facades.

A system of movable metal, vertical sunshades ensures shading for the exterior spaces and provides upon the building its distinctive appearance. The earthy tones of the building’s shell, coupled with the integration of green elements into its architectural components, complement the central facets of its architecture.

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