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Residential building in Gerakas

Residential building in Gerakas


Principal Architect:  Aris Kordas

Design Team: Nikos Giannoulas, Solonas Predaris – Papagathangelou

3D Visualization: Thanos Papadopoulos

Residential building in Gerakas

The residential building is situated in Gerakas, a newly built area with suburban character. The architectural design suggests a contemporary building with a strong concept that runs throughout the whole structure, introducing an interesting architectural language. The first impression of the residential building is that of a monolithic volume. Nevertheless, design-led decisions, such as the curved forms along the balconies of the apartments, break down this sense of massiveness creating a more playful and attractive aspect.

Architectural design

The apartment building develops in three floors plus the attic floor, featuring two- and three-bedroom apartments. The ground floor includes two maisonettes that have direct access, each one, to their private, secret garden. In addition, lush vegetation on the front and the rear of the plot, provide the necessary privacy to the dwellers. Generous openings in all the floors, maximize the view and enhance the feeling of openness, providing abundant natural light to the interior living spaces.

An essential objective of the design was the intention to redefine the typical balconies. Balconies are often considered as “all year long” living spaces of a residential building, thanks to the greek climate. Therefore, the design challenge is to make the best use out of them. These private spaces, provide a welcoming and vibrant background to experience the outdoor life. In order to reinterpret the concept of the balconies, the architectural design follows the solution of a curvy borderline. This concept is slightly differentiates in each floor of the residential building. The overall concept, follows this twisting ribbon, fine tuning the whole building in an infinite, three-dimensional choreography. The volumes housing the apartments, adapt a simple, cubic approach, creating a strong contradiction to the outer curved shell of the building.

Vertical metal elements along the facade of the residential building, provide the necessary privacy to the apartments. Moreover, these elements filter the intense sun, especially during the summer days. Finally, they enhance the curvy outline of the building creating an interesting juxtaposition to the curvy, horizontal built railings. All these carefully designed details, create a coherent, finely tuned composition.

Finally, the plastered surfaces create a richly textured backdrop along with the wooden false ceilings of the balconies. The presence of plants along the balconies, create strong connection to the nature. Moreover, their rather spontaneous arrangement, following the outline of the balconies and climbing up the vertical blinds, transfer a sense of impromptu nature, intruding the balconies, giving a rather original experience to the outdoor living space. All these architectural gestures, create an elegant character and offer a strong identity to the project.

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