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Vacation houses in Tinos island
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Vacation houses in Tinos island

Vacation houses in Tinos island


Principal Architect:  Aris Kordas

Design Team: Hara Triantafyllou, Georgia Kougioumoutzi, Thodoris Garbis

3D Visualization: Thanos Papadopoulos


Vacation houses in Tinos island

Located on a hillside in the Greek island of Tinos, the two vacation houses were designed to provide an easy to reach getaway for their owners and friends. The complex consists of two summer houses, the main residence, and a guesthouse. The two separate two-story building volumes are arranged in different levels to ensure privacy to both houses and to conform with the sloping land. The main objective of the layout was to create both conditions for privacy and for interaction on demand.

Architectural design

In architectural terms, the overall design for the houses in Tinos, features solid bases in the shape of natural stone ground floor volumes. Therse volumes house living areas and blend in the environment of Tinos (also masking the complexe’s actual volume). On the other hand, the cluster of white, standing-out, volumes form the first floor of the complex. These volumes, house the private areas of the residences. The differentiation of the volumes, in terms of materiality, functionality and scale, was a design-driven decision. It serves the integration of the structure with the natural environment. Moreover, it functions as a means of guidance of perception for the building complex and its parts.

The first impression when approaching the two summer houses, is that of an iconic main entrance door. The visitor enters the two houses complex, through a pathway that leads to the wooden door. The narrative of lush Mediterranean vegetation and Cycladic inspired alleys, continues to accompany the visitor while entering the main courtyard. Glimpses of the Aegean Sea and Tinos are revealed, as one passes through the gate. The entrance pergola among the houses, guides the gaze towards the infinite horizon while offering protection from the sun. The entrance to the main house is directly accessible after the main gate.

The access to the guest house is possible, through two separate doors. The first is through the backyard on the second level and the seconf through the front yard on the lower level. All interior living spaces have a direct orientation towards the mesmerizing sea view, and side views towards the green surroundings too.

Exterior spaces

The outdoor areas provide both privacy and communal interaction between the two summer houses. The most prominent parts of the exterior are the outdoors dining area, the fully equipped outdoor kitchen and barbeque area and the infinity-edge pool. The outdoor pool plays a key role in the functional organization of the surrounding areas of the complex while creating a sense of serenity and calmness. Small pathways, inspired by local architecture, bridge the various levels of the outdoor areas. Lush vegetation, with local aromatic herbs, Mediterranean plants and olive trees enrich the experience of the Cycladic landscape. Overall the co-existence of carefully selected natural materials with respect to local traditions is a prominent characteristic of the houses. These elements, alongside with contemporary building techniques, play an important role. They form a residence with strong roots to the place it is founded on.

The housing complex manages to serve as a four-seasons retreat, providing an island living experience with contemporary comforts. Finally, the architectural concept achieves to integrate the houses in the natural environment and picturesque setting of the island of Tinos.

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