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Villa Artemis in Tinos

Villa Artemis in Tinos


Principal Architect:  Aris Kordas

Design Team: Tsaprali Eleni

Construction Management: Nikos Kritikos, Stavros Rafailidis


  • Project Development : Wesalos LTD
  • Styling : Eleni Tsaprali
  • Photos - Video : Anastasis Dimokas

Villa Artemis in Tinos

Placed in the heart of the traditional village of Triantaros in Tinos, villa ‘Artemis’ is one of the seven houses of the Triantaros Villas complex. As its name implies, inspired by the goddess Artemis, queen of the mountains and forests, the villa is located on the highest spot of the complex, which offers a more generous view of the Aegean Sea, the mountain and the neighboring settlement of Berdemiaros.

The façade design is based on the use of local materials such as natural stone, white plaster and wood. Its large terrace and balcony triggers moments of relaxation and enjoyment of the natural landscape. Retaining a natural materiality and spatial organization strategies, vital elements of the spatial experience, the design proposal discards possible morphological imitations of traditional archetypes and seeks a modern look at an architectural tradition of great significance.

The selection of furniture and decorative elements on the interior is inspired by “easy-living” aesthetics and a common ground of natural materials, user-friendly design, simplicity and timelessness. The use of natural and artificial light played a key role to further accentuate the design concept of the villa, with strips of light and lighting fixtures punctuating the rectilinear elements and enhancing the details.

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