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Two storey residence in Penteli

Two storey residence in Penteli


Principal Architect:  Aris Kordas

Design Team: Eleni Tsaprali, Anastasis Dimokas, Elina Domosidi, Jenny Chalkiadaki



Two storey residence in Penteli

The interiors of the house in Penteli were designed with the aim of creating an atmosphere of balance and austerity. The purity of the forms and the materials are the main tools in achieving the objectives of the study. In addition, a central element in the design of the house is the centrally placed single staircase. The composition of indoor plantings form the “soft core” of the house. In the whole design, the constructions defining the space are integrated in the design and materiality in the white perimeter shell or emerge as autonomous protagonists with distinct morphology and materiality.

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