The Office

KORDAS Architects were formed in Athens, in October of 2006. Since February 2007, the architectural office is located in Marousi, at Nr. 34 of Kapodistriou Avenue, Nea Filothei.

Since its outset, the professional activities of our practice have always been guided by our pursuit of establishing innovative ideas and methods, regarding the design, visual and constructional aspects of architecture.

KORDAS Architects has always tried to confront each project as a challenge to locate and point out the characteritics that compose its unique nature. Each projects' location, surroundings and use, the clients profile and requirements, they are all creative forces that take part in the process of the architectural moulding that concludes when the building is finally inhabited.

KORDAS Architects' services incorporate a wide range of architectural studies, building permits, construction supervision and project management as well as technical consultancy.

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